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Princess (Square) cut rainbow sapphires in a gorgeous array of colors fading into each other in a channel set bracelet (No catchy prongs)

14K white gold bracelet measures 7 1/4" and features a secure clasp with 2 safety catches.  Channel set princess cut stones measure 2.5mm each with a total carat weight of 8.26 cts.

18K yellow gold bracelet measures 7 1/4" and features a invisible clasp with 2 safety catches  Total carat weight 7 cts  Bracelet weighs 13.28 grams. Channel set princess cut stones measure 2.7mm each.

The 925 sterling silver bracelet measures 7" and has 2.5mm stones totaling 8 cts and has an invisible safety catch.  Princess cut stones are channel set.

These are a mix of natural exotic sapphires from around the world.

  • Red – Thailand
  • Orange/ Red – Southern Tanzania (Songea)
  • Golden – Madagascar
  • Yellow – Southern Tanzania (Tundura)
  • Yellow/ Green – Songea
  • Green/ Yellow – Australia
  • Green/ Yellow – Madagascar
  • Green – Australia
  • Green – Kenya
  • Green – Montana
  • Green/ Blue – Madagascar
  • Green/ Blue – Tundura
  • Blue – Madagascar
  • Blue – Tundura
  • Blue – Sri Lanka
  • Blue/ Purple – Tundura
  • Purple – Tundura
  • Red/ Purple – Madagascar
  • Red/ Purple – Sri Lanka.
  • We only sell 100% natural earth mined sapphires. All of our rainbow sapphires are purchased from ethically mined areas and the profits from the stones purchased go directly back into community projects at the source.


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